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Web development

Today, the Internet is a key promotional tool, and it's extremely important to be online. Most of the more serious companies know this. If you are not present on the Internet, it is very likely that your business is losing value right now, and your customers are out of your way, because their way to your door is unknown to them. The web site is the primary place of promotion of your services and products, and the impression that potential customers will acquire about your company must be in the first place. We offer you all kinds of web pages, from simple to complex sites, with the ability to independently manage certain content. Be on the Internet!

Web & PC applications

We make WEB and PC applications according to your needs. Applications save you time, ease everyday work, whether with employees, customers, products or manufacturing and other business processes, and increase the profitability and efficiency of your company or institution.

3D animations

3D modeling and animation have a great significance in the presentation of non-constructed objects, whether it's an interior, an exterior or a completely different project. Presentations of this type represent an important part of individual projects. The most common animation is to simulate camera movement through the object and around the object. Simulation of various phases in the construction of the object, simulation of light change, simulation of movement of people, water, environment and all necessary effects depending on the project can also be shown. Based on the 3D animation, the idea of the ultimate visual identity of an object is much clearer.

Indoor i Outdoor advertising

The decision to purchase your product or service, consciously or unconsciously, will be strongly influenced by your presence on outdoor and indoor inventory. Indoor advertising refers to various forms of messaging within a space, where contact with customers is realized when they are already ready for purchase and as a final reminder of the message that the customer has already received through the classic media channels. Outdoor advertising involves various forms of outdoor advertising space, and the most important elements of this type of advertising are the design of the advertisement, its location and its frequency, because of the mobility and rush of a potential customer, its time to observe the message is limited.

Promotion materials

Promotional materials (diaries, calendars, pens, pendants, clocks, cups, bags, umbrellas, etc.) are a very important segment of modern business. By choosing a special and appropriate promotional gift for your business partners, do a nice gesture and develop business relationships. Apart from a wide range of materials, we also offer you a service of printing on all promotional materials. Catalog


We are able to offer you all kinds of high quality prints in all sizes and all materials, from card business to wall. We do everything regarding offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, and print visual communications. Send us a quote for price!